The Value of Business Blogging in Nigeria- Why Your Website Needs a Blog

Expand your reach, build your brand and increase your SEO to generate more leads

Business blogging is a type of content marketing that can drive more traffic to your website and landing pages, build your company and personal brand, and establish you and your company as an industry expert.

Most business owners today have a lot of uncertainties and/or misconceptions about how business blogging can help their business. Blogs have gained a reputation as having the potential to boost your websites ranking and placement on search engine, but it’s important to understand what a blog does and why it helps. I’ve interacted with a number of business owners who still do not seem to understand how important blogging has become for the online survival of their business. Some believe that blogging requires too much effort and time to effectively implement a convenient and essential blogging strategy.

However, the few business owners as well as marketing heads who are already implementing effective content marketing strategies that includes blogging in their business will agree that this type of business strategy is quite simple as well as relatively easy to maintain.

There are several benefits for all types of businesses either small or large that make use of blogging as an integral part of their marketing and promotion mix. A blog serves as an additional tool that is not only good in reaching targeted online audiences, it can also help build dynamic online committees that clearly exchanges solutions, information, opinions and reviews about your business products and services as well as its reputation.

When you blog, you can build relationships with customers and communicate with them at scale – much faster than traditional formats and much more cost-effectively than paid media. Plus, it drives long-term results thanks to search engine indexing.

Here are additional ways your business can benefit from business blogging:

  • Low Cost Marketing Channel

Business blogging is affordable. Blogs can easily be built and integrated into your existing website. It can also be easily maintained.

  • Increased Exposure of the Products and Services of Your Business

Blogging is essentially useful in getting mainstream visibility for the products and services your business is offering. This is a great way of reaching internet users who will potentially be part of your business. It also enhances networking and the visibility of your business. You can potentially reach target audiences from around the world.

  • Reaching more Customers and community building

Using business blogging as one of your key element in marketing at the same time promoting your business gives you the opportunity to reach huge numbers of potential customers from around the world. Social media allow customers share their experience with their network of friends and associates, this gives the opportunity of reaching more people(potential customers). Blogging is the best way to target and build a community and followership of like minded people around your website. You can’t do that with a simple 5-10 pages company website. With blogging, you can exchange views with your readers and engage in different discussions with them.

  • Develop Strong Relationship With Existing and Potential Business Customers

Blogging also helps you connect interactively with your business website visitors. By reviewing comments, feedbacks, questions and all other queries of your customers, you can completely create business rapport with your audience, gain reliable and valuable insights on what your customers are looking for at the same time build their trust in your business.

  • Blogging helps strengthen your brand image and helps establish you as an industry leader and expert

The internet is littered with huge numbers of fraudsters who are selling fake services and products. With such unfortunate situation, online users are suspicious to those business who don’t have the ability to prove their expertise. Through blogging, you can effectively establish your expertise through keeping in touch with all your clients regularly. Regular business blogging can help you respond to the needs of your clients especially if they have queries, problems and any other concerns about your business. By publishing valuable content, you will help people resolve their issues, offer new ideas and provide business solutions. This serves as an essential way of winning the trust of your audience and clients. By blogging, you can earn the confidence and respect from your audience thus obtaining a competitive edge against your competition.

  • Promoting your Brand and Products

Brands are meant to represent consistency, credibility, a sense of association and a loyal community. Your blog should be the perfect place to kick-start your branding activities. Publish content on your blog that truly reflects the values of your brand and connect with your consumers on every important occasion. Be there all the time and keep them engaged with your brand.