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blueGEEK  – top web design company in Nigeria


blueGEEK is a professional web development and web design company in Nigeria. We believe great websites are clear, focused and easy to read and navigate. We bring a smart approach to your website. We build websites with users and search engines in mind – You will save a lot by not having to go back later to make your website SEO friendly and searchable.

Does your website serve as your number one salesperson? Or is it just a place to quickly post some text and a few images? In the past, website redesign projects traditionally followed the same process. Identify a need, partner with an agency, and launch a new site in 1-2 months. End of story. Seems reasonable, right? That is until Growth-Driven Design took the world by storm.

Through a process of continual design improvements based upon data that highlights what’s working well on your site and what isn’t, improvements can be made to your website on a continual and logical cadence. At blueGEEK, we aim to extend the relationship between client and agency well beyond the launch date to ensure that your website IS an effective piece of your business’ sales strategy and IS producing results. By doing this, we have the opportunity to provide continued value and make critical improvements over a longer period of time.

So which would you prefer? The upfront costs and time investment of a traditional website that can become quickly antiquated and irrelevant, or a cost-effective Growth-Driven Design website that consistently gets better with time, and delivers results you deserve to see?