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blueGEEK is a professional content marketing agency in Nigeria. We believe content marketing should be about sharing valuable information based on your domain expertise to attract your target audience, build preference and ultimately win loyal customers.

We always take the time to become familiar not only with your business and your industry, but also with your ideal prospective customer or client. Based on this knowledge, we create our content marketing strategy to fit their unique challenges, pains, obstacles and needs. The result is the kind of highly targeted content that draws prospects to your business who are in search of the valuable knowledge and insights you have to offer.

At blueGEEK, content marketing forms the basis of all our marketing campaigns.

We create unique, relevant and distinctive content, written to provide your visitors with valuable information, while positioning you as a trustworthy thought leader in your field

Our team of designers ensure the presentation of your copy is engaging. We use eye-catching graphics to produce content that draws the reader in and maximizes sharing value.

Once the content is published, either on your website or across various digital marketing channels, we use relevant social media platforms to promote and encourage the sharing of the content among your visitors, ‘fans’, ‘followers’, existing leads and customers.

All content we create are optimized to observe SEO best practice and promoted through blogs, forums and other networks, increasing consumer interest and building brand loyalty.

Are you tailoring your content so it’s authoritative and relevant? Do you already have buyer personas, a keyword strategy, editorial calendar and measurement tactics in place? Do you simply need help creating fabulous content to reach those business goals?

We’d love to talk with you about how we can help.