Regardless of what your organization does, it needs to close more deals in order to grow and reach its objectives. What tactics and processes do you have in place to achieve that?

Attract and nurture your target market to gain new clients. A Quick geek Lead Generator Solution

The Quick geek Lead Generator Solution

A Quick Solution to develop a strategic lead nurturing plan and produce strong creative to help you achieve it. Services delivered over 4 weeks. . Specific deliverables include: –

  • Strategic consultation to determine project scope and objectives
  • Determine your target market and how to best reach them
  • Develop lead generation plan (including 1 campaign)
  • Design and write 1 effective call-to-action
  • Write and format 1 compelling landing page
  • Write and format 1 engaging follow-up email
  • Provide critical steps to maintain your progress

Price starting from ₦50,000

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