Getting started with blogging - 10 blogging best practice

Getting started with blogging – 10 blogging best practice

  • Decide the goal of the blog before you begin. Is this a thought leadership piece? What behavior would you like to drive? Having a clear objective for the blog post will achieve it.
  • Juicy and attractive headlines invite people in. Use words that appeal to the senses or to emotions. Numbered lists are downright fun. Mix it up and ask a question. Some people prefer to start with a headline and write the blog from there; others like to write their post and craft the headline to sum it up in an appealing way. Use the formula that works best for you.
  • Tell a story. Stories have a magical effect, drawing people in and keeping them hooked. Even technical products and services have stories worth telling.
  • Speak like a human. Marketing speak will make visitors bounce off your site faster than a rubber ball. Aim for a friendly, warm voice and inject your personality. Just stay away from touchy subjects like politics and religion. Polarizing views can turn people off from doing business with you permanently.
  • Keep it short – short words, short paragraphs, short word counts. (Aim for 1200 words or less.)
  • Format your copy with bold headers and bullet points where practical. Breaking up chunks of text adding white space makes your blog easier to scan, so it’s more likely your reader will get through the whole thing and take your desired action.
  • End your blog post with a clear call to action. They’ve come this far – don’t lose them now! Use plain English and direct them with a link, for example to a lead generating form.
  • Use pictures – images make your posts more inviting and more sharable, thus netting you more views. Take your own real-life photos if you don’t have access to an image library.
  • Use relevant tags – include keywords your audience would use in searching for a solution you offer and add those in your blog copy as well.
  • Add a meta description – some websites use this information to describe your link so think of it as an enticement to read your post.