Great stuff here for local business owners. Maile Ohye, a developer programs tech lead at google shows in this 6 video series how local business owners can bring there businesses online with or without a website. She share her thought on how business owners can get their businesses on the web and build an online presence.
how to build an online presence without a website
The goal of the video series is to help potential customers find and select your business online whether they are on the go with there smartphones or at home or office with there desktop computer. This video series are targeted to local business owners, those who conduct business in  person, in a specific location and want to reach customers online but aren’t sure where to start.

Video 1; Bring your local business online: Introduction and hot topics

Video 2; Bring your local business online: Determine your business’ value-add and online goal

Video 3; Bring your local business online: Find potential customers

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Video 4; Bring your local business online: Basic implementation and best practices

Video 5; Bring your local business online: Differentiate your business from the competition

Video 6; Bring your local business online: Engage customers with a holistic online identity

How to bring your local business online — no website required.

Excellent tips for local business owners for being found online WITHOUT a website.