CLIENT: Padson Industries Limited

Padson Industries is one of the Largest Importers, Manufacturers and Trading Company in Nigeria. They are dealers and importers of automobiles ranging from sedans, pick-up trucks, buses, light carrying trucks, waste disposal trucks, tipper trucks, refrigerated trucks/vans, flat beds, trailers etc. They import motorcycles popularly known as okadas and operate a motorcycle assemblage plant in Ilorin, Kwara State. They also deal in Tiger brand generators and water pumps. Other products they deal in include tricycles popularly know as keke napep/marwa, floor tile, wall tiles and all purpose adhesives.

The challenge and process

Padson Industries wanted a website that would showcase their products to current and potential customers on the internet. Most importantly, they wanted a sales-ready and lead generating website as they sought to reposition their business on the digital scape. Padson Industries had an outdated website that was not designed with their ideal customers in mind and was not meeting their overall lead generation and online sales goals. Like many company/business websites in Nigeria, they couldn’t tell if their website was being visited at-all, as they never got any sales inquiry from the website. At that time(January 2014) a search of their business name “Padson Industries Limited” did not even return a single search result related to their business on Google.

They wanted their site to inform visitors about their product offerings, make it easy for visitors to inquire about products and easily get information about how to get to the nearest showroom to view products physically and make purchase. They needed a new SEO optimized website that would attract a large range of clients.

We began our partnership with Padson Industries with our Digital Marketing Consultancy. We worked collaboratively with their team to identify and refine their ideal customers per products, review their business and revenue goals, and establish benchmarks and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to monitor. During these Digital Marketing Consultancy sessions, we also examined how Padson Industries could better leverage internet marketing and optimize their website for search engines to improve the visibility of their products to online users searching for these products.

With the information we gathered during this consultation, we completely understood Padson’s business, and were ready to start the website planning stages. Our web strategy team created a website architecture that aligned with their goals.

Our goal with the website architecture was to have defined conversion paths for each site visitor, so that each individual would find the information they needed based on their unique search terms or keywords. For example, someone searching for “dealers of okada motorcycles” or “dealers of okada motorcycles in Lagos” or “dealers of okada motorcycles in Nigeria” should be able to find Padson, see there motorcycle product ranges and know how to get in touch with easy.

The new Padson industries website is fully responsive and optimized for different screen resolutions, so no matter what device a visitor is using, they are able to quickly and easily find the information they were looking for. The SEO challenge that we faced at the beginning of our engagement was the lack of a focused keyword strategy. They had a site built in a way that was very difficult for search engines to crawl for content. The lack of a focused keyword strategy resulted in a situation in which the few SEO elements that could have potentially aided the site (page titles, meta descriptions, internal links from blog posts) were far from effective. Also there was no web analytics, so we couldn’t tell what was working or wasn’t working in terms or traffic sources, keywords, or visitor flow on the website. We had to rebuild from scratch.

SEO Keyword research

We analyzed terminologies commonly used by propective customers seeking the products that Padson Industries had for sale. We dug into large volumes of keyword data, and analyzed search/industry trends. Our research helped us make decisions like whether we should target “keke napep”, “keke marwa”, “keke tricycle”, or “keke maruwa”. In this specific case, we found through our data, testing, and analysis of Google and Bing search engines(targeting Nigeria) that these different variants were very distinct, and “keke napep” was more frequently searched in Nigeria. Further keyword research for other products showed that visitors who landed on the Padson Industries site through transactional keywords like “okada motorcycles for sale in nigeria”, “buy okada motorcycles in nigeria”or “okada motorcycle sellers in nigeria” stayed longer,and were more likely to convert in comparison to more competitive and broader keyword like “motorcycles for sale in nigeria”, “buy motorcycles in nigeria” or “motorcycle sellers in nigeria”. From there we developed a thorough keyword that would allow our team and the Padson industries marketing team to strategically work high opportunity keywords into specific pages.


Padson Industries needed a SEO oriented web design company; they got just that with blueGEEK.  We delivered over 64% MoM increase in search engine traffic since new website relaunch in January 2014.

Below is a chart showing Google page ranking for keywords relevant to specific Padson Industries products. Please note that Padson Industries ranks on page one of for all the keywords below. We were able to rank Padson Industries for over 100 keywords directly related to there products on page 1 of This translated into very highly target traffic.

ProductKeywordsGoogle rankingCompeting pagesRemarks
Motorcycleokada motorcycles for sale#1over 350,000
Motorcyclebuy okada motorcycle#2over 3.3 MillionPadson also dominates the Google image search for this keyword
Motorcyclecommercial motorcycles for sale#3over 24 MillionPadson is the only motorcycle selling company on page 1
Generatorsoriginal tiger generator for sale#1over 400,000
Generatorsbuy original tiger generator#1over 850,000
Generatorstiger generator price#2over 800,000Padson is the only tiger generator selling company on page 1
Keke Napep Tricyclebuy keke marwa#1over 900,000
Keke Napep Tricyclekeke napep#2over 120,000
Keke Napep Tricyclebuy keke napep, keke napep for sale, price of keke marwa, buy keke marwa#1, #1, #1, #1, Padson No 1 for all 4 transactional keywords and more
Keke Napep Tricycletricycles for sale in nigeria#1over 300, 000
refrigerated van/truckrefrigerated van for sale in nigeria#1over 50 Million
Refuse disposal truckswaste collection vehicle for sale#1over 91 Million
Refuse disposal trucksrefuse collection vehicles for sale#2over 31 Million
Refuse disposal trucksrefuse disposal trucks for sale in nigeria#1over 130, 00
JMC Trucksjmc trucks for sale#4over 400,000
Adhesivesadhesive manufacturers in nigeria#4over 450,000
Tilestiles for sale#2over 48 Million
Tilesbuy tiles in nigeria#1over 480,000
Motorcycledealers of okada motorcycles#2over 3.7 Million


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