An Introduction to Online Display Advertisement in Nigeria

Online display advertisement refers to a type of advertising on one or more websites. These ads contain items such as texts, images, flash, video and audio. Since its introduction, online display ads AKA banner ads come in standardized ad sizes, and can include text, logos, pictures, or videos. In Nigeria, online display advertisement is fast becoming popular as more businesses are taking advantage of the wide range or formats, platforms and audience targeting this mode of advertising offers.

Online display advertisement in Nigeria

Basic Facts About Online Display Advertisement

These types of ads are commonly referred to as banner ads and they come in standard sizes. They mostly include text, pictures, logos and rich media. Rich media is defined as an advert that uses a combination of still images, text, audio, video, animation and interactive content. All of these are meant to get active participation from the ad’s recipient. Compared to offline display, online display advertisement relies more on multimedia elements, including video and audio to communicate the advertising message.

The online display advertisement process involves two types of actors. The first one, the publisher – this refers to the website where the advert appears. The second is the advertiser; this is the website linking from the online display advert. Users will be directed to a landing page chosen by the advertiser upon clicking the advertisement. Advertisers can either deal with partner websites directly or simply join a display ad networks.

Consider picture display advertising such as newspaper or magazine ads, think of online display ads as the online version. Just like TV commercials, this type of online advertising is able to move from static video, flash and interactive. The only difference is that this type has a certain edge/advantage over TV, newspaper and magazine ads.

  • First, targeting options like behavioral and demo-graphical targeting are available for your access.
  • Second, you are provided with the advantage of tracking the daily performance of your campaign and measure metrics like clicks, impressions and conversions allowing you to calculate your return on investment.

Common types of Online Display Advertisement

There is a growing range of online display ads known today. But the popular trend by marketers is mixing and matching all these to serve in different placements. Some of the popular types are:

  • Static Banner Ads –It is characterized by simple images that are hyperlinked to the site of the advertiser. They often appear in the side, top, and bottom sections of websites. They are typically found on news-based websites, blogs, and specialized web communities like Facebook. An advantage to using this is that it combines the use of text and still images, which allows the advertiser to catch their target’s attention through both. Many websites brokerage their ad space with ad exchangers such as Google’s Display Network, or you can buy the ad space in the same manner you’d buy an ad on a newspaper.
  • Animated Ads – This type features movement either in Flash or Gif formats. Publishers can often limit the ads’ sizes and the number of times it can loop on their websites.
  • Interactive/Flash Ads – These ads feature audio, video, games and other elements that enable the consumers to engage with it. These ads often feature playful and interactive elements to entice users.
  • Expanding Ads – These ads expand whenever it is clicked or moused over. It starts just like a static image advertisement, but expands into something like a full interactive video. These ads can also start as animation and expand into one that shows a list of a certain product’s features.
  • Mobile Ads – These ads appear mostly as mobile banners. Mobile ads are ads that appear on smart phones, tablets, and any other mobile device. Many social media platforms (Facebook), websites (Google), and apps offer their own unique mobile ad options. These are ones that appear on full screen as the mobile page loads.

These ad types are not necessarily advantageous in generating traffic. Understanding your niche, your audience and their behavior is key to identifying what ad type is right for you. Online display ads however helps in building a brand in the form of making users recall the brand name or the message that comes with ads. The Interactive Advertising Bureau has created a universal standard for display ad sizes. There are four dimensions that have been decided as universal, these are;

  • Banner 728 x 90
  • Rectangle 336 x 280
  • Skyscraper 160 x 600
  • Square 250 x 250

Online display ads have become a daily part of internet life. For new marketers or business owners, the ultimate goal remains the same, we want to reach the right audience with the right message to drive a conversion, and we want to do that meeting our marketing ROI, or cost per conversion, goals. Depending on your digital marketing goals or strategy, visual online display may be perfect for you.

If you are thinking about creating an internet marketing campaign or you currently have one running, you’ll want to know the ROI for those efforts. If that’s the case, then you need to talk to an expert